Support the 14 and 30 November days of action – and go beyond!

The Civil Service Rank & File Network welcomes the decision of the PCS National Executive Committee to call a day of protest on 30 November. It is good to see the leadership of the union following in the footsteps of militants on the ground. Now it is up to all workers to make this day a success.

The NEC’s decision follows the call by rank-and-file workers for a day of action on 14 November. On that day, inspired by the walkout at HMRC in Coventry against Francis Maude’s visit to the office, a number of offices around the country will see 15 minute walkouts and other protest actions. We urge anyone not yet involved with this action to see what they can organise at their workplace and to support this day of action alongside the official day that it has inspired.

But we also recognise that these two days cannot stand in isolation. They come in response to the government’s threats to tear up civil servants’ terms and conditions and engage in a race to the bottom. In the context of a continuing pay freeze and making us work longer and pay more to get less in our pensions, as well as attacks on union representation, they are just the latest aspect of the class war being waged against us.

We therefore call on civil servants around the country to join us in a sustained campaign. Not only supporting the two national days of action, but taking as many varied and sporadic actions as possible – such as flexi walkouts, lunchtime protests, etc – between and beyond these days to maintain the pressure upon the government and the demand for action upon the NEC.

It is our intention to call for another day of action in December and further communications blockades in the near future. Until then, keep fighting!

The Facebook event for the day of action on 14 November can be found here and for the communications blockade here.


About csrfnetwork

A network for civil servants who want to resist the government's attacks on our terms and conditions. With PCS where they put up a fight, without them where they won't!
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