Call for Action to Coincide with the Autumn Statement on 5th December

The Civil Service Rank and File Network is calling for a day of action on 5 December to coincide with the Autumn Statement being delivered by the Chancellor of the Exchequer on the same day. The Autumn Statement provides an opportunity for workplaces and branches to think creatively and focus attention onto austerity as well as the issue of terms and conditions, making the links between these ideological attacks.

The Rank and File Network is at the forefront of ensuring that action called by PCS on 30 November will be successful but we now need to build the momentum. Protest action on 30 November needs to be followed up with continuing activities including strike action at the earliest opportunity. Branches and workplace committees are encouraged to do whatever they can on 5 December to pressurise the employer with regards to the disgraceful attack on our terms and conditions. The PCS NEC is encouraged to use whatever live ballots the union has in place to coordinate strike action on 5 December.

On the same day, the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts is demonstrating in London for the future of education. Many government workers are both workers and students. Many more have children or other relatives who are students. The same government that threatens our jobs and rights at work is destroying their education. We therefore offer our fullest solidarity to the student struggle and ask that they do the same to ours in return.

The Civil Service Rank and File Network started just a few weeks ago and has already generated a great deal of action and discussion within PCS. 14 November saw solid protest activities across a number of branches regarding terms and conditions and in solidarity with strikes across Europe.

We need to start planning now for successful events on 30 November AND 5 December. Workplace meetings to discuss both days are recommended. Although they’re just a few days apart we cannot allow Osborne the opportunity to stand up and dictate the neo-liberal agenda to the country without setting the record straight and showing the strength of anger in the civil service at the level of the attacks on the working class.

Our activities are not a one size fits all – activists may want to hold walkouts, protests, occupations or other actions on the day. Others might wish to organise a mass tea break timed for when the Chancellor stands up in the House of Commons. Those in London are encouraged to creatively link up with demonstrating students. There is a world of possibilities regarding the militant and member led action at our disposal.


About csrfnetwork

A network for civil servants who want to resist the government's attacks on our terms and conditions. With PCS where they put up a fight, without them where they won't!
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3 Responses to Call for Action to Coincide with the Autumn Statement on 5th December

  1. Roy Anderson says:

    Comrades, As an old member of the first R&F group, Redder Tape, I wish you all the best to win and win well. Roy Anderson Thailand  


  2. Dave says:

    15 minute “actions” are not even the beginning of what needs to be done !! Before the 5th December Winter Statement by the alleged Chancellor there is an Anti Austerity public meeting at WEA on 28th November with excellent speakers. Support this and then keep building to the 30th November and 5th December and beyond. We need a pool of ideas and strategies. Only once all of the groups opposed to this neo liberal agenda come together to fight as one will we even begin to show our strength. In unity.
    To those who have succumbed to the idea that we can only wait for a 2015 election it must be re iterated that we have had to deal with neo liberalist ideas since 1979 without a break. We need to have people standing who will stand up for our beliefs. So far all we have had is empty rhetoric and duplicity from all sides of the political spectrum. All this whilst they continue to undermine and destroy the decent society that has been built.
    We need the new ideas and some already established principles to re engage working people. As CSRFN we need it now.

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