13 March – Day of Action

13 March 01The European Trade Union Confederation has confirmed that it is calling for “action on 13 and 14 March against austerity and for jobs for young people” ahead of the European Summit on 14 and 15 March.

The Civil Service Rank & File Network, in anticipation of this decision, agreed at its inaugural conference to call for action across the civil service on 13 March. On this day, the ETUC says that “delocalised actions will take place across Europe,” and the CSRF supports this development.

Across Europe, austerity is wreaking havoc on the working class, causing poverty and destroying services in order to preserve the interests of capital. This day of action is our chance to prove that, just as the bosses’ attacks cut across borders and sectional interests, so does our solidarity and determination to act.

A spokesperson for the CSRF said: “The 13 March needs to be a day when workers come together and act. More than that, it needs to be a catalyst for a sustained fightback against the austerity and class warfare of every employer and every government in Europe.

“For UK Civil Servants, this will be a day when we stand with our brothers and sisters across Europe. But it is also the first action of a renewed campaign against job cuts, pay restraint, pension raids and the ripping up of our contracts. We will protest, we will picket and we will strike until we win.”

The Civil Service Rank & File Network has decided to support PCS if it calls a strike on this day – and to take action independently if they do not.

On 18 October 2012, Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude visited Coventry tax office having announced widespread attacks on civil service terms and conditions. His visit was met with a wildcat walkout of over 200 workers that had been organised on the ground, independent of the hierarchy of the PCS union.

The CSRF subsequently called a day of action for the last ETUC mobilisation on 14 November. This was the catalyst for the PCS protests on 30 November, which CSRF members were at the forefront of mobilising for.

The ETUC has said that, following localised actions on 13 March, a European trade union rally will take place in Brussels on 14 March.

Further information:

ETUC callout for 13 and 14 March

Facebook event for CSRF day of action

CSRF open letter to rank and file education workers

TUC London rally on 13 March

London NUT “Gove Must Go” protest on 13 March

To have details of your action listed here, particularly if they are taking place in the civil service, send an email to: csrfnetwork [at] gmail.com


About csrfnetwork

A network for civil servants who want to resist the government's attacks on our terms and conditions. With PCS where they put up a fight, without them where they won't!
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