Solidarity to Home Office workers

The Civil Service Rank and File Network stands shoulder to shoulder with workers in the Home Office who should be striking on Monday, April 8. This date was chosen as a full day strike after Home Office management threatened to take a full day’s pay from anyone who took part in the proposed PCS wide half day strike on Friday, April 5. This isn’t meant to sound complicated, in fact the situation is very simple in that senior management in that department have been playing dirty tricks. The Home Office group response to that in proposing a full day’s strike was admirable. However, mistakes were clearly made in the administration of this and the Home Office used that as a reason to apply for an injunction at the High Court to prevent the full day strike going ahead.

PCS has responded by calling for a week of strikes across the Home Office, escalating the dispute and increasing disruption in spite of the attempts to scupper action. This is definitely a positive response to the situation. However, the bosses’ ability to call on the law to frustrate strikes remains a problem that needs tackling head on.

We urge branches and workplaces across the Home Office to plan whatever protest action they can to ensure that Home Office management are not let off the hook. We would also suggest that Home Office members take inspiration from the campaign by electricians who struck regardless of an injunction being taken against them.

We should not cower in the use of Tory anti-trade union legislation. In fact we should highlight the injustice that this legislation has placed on our movement and rise above it. The civil service rank and file network remains ready to support and coordinate any action deemed necessary by members in the Home Office and elsewhere. Join us and get organised for the fightback.


About csrfnetwork

A network for civil servants who want to resist the government's attacks on our terms and conditions. With PCS where they put up a fight, without them where they won't!
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