Who We Are

The Civil Service Rank & File Network is a platform for militant workers employed by the government to link up, share ideas and take independent direct action. Our ultimate aim is to unite all low-paid government workers and civil servants under the banner of a single union, democratically controlled from the shop floor.

Want to be involved?

The Civil Service Rank & File Network is open to all government workers who sign up to the aims and principles of the network. This includes those employed by the civil service, government agencies, areas which have been privatised and outsourced contractors.

However, certain workers have roles and interests that are incompatible with the Network’s aims and are barred from membership. These include:

  • full time trade union officials;
  • senior management and the Senior Civil Service;
  • scabs.

Get in touch: CSRFnetwork@gmail.com

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2 Responses to About

  1. mrbrew says:

    good on you, keep fighting the good fight

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