Decision making

As agreed by our inaugural conference, February 2012

National Conference

The Network shall hold a National Conference annually, as soon as practicable after the beginning of the year.

The function of Conference is to facilitate the work of the Network, to share ideas and tactics, and to agree motions for PCS Conference. It is not to impose policies on workplace committees, which are autonomous, although they must abide by Conference decisions. The duties of Conference include receiving the reports of, mandating and electing national officers and committees as well as discussion and debate about issues facing the CSRF and its strategy.

All proposals for National Conference must be sent to the National Secretary two months in advance of Conference, and all amendments to proposals sent one month in advance. It is the responsibility of the National Secretary to compile and circulate all relevant papers so that these deadlines can be adhered to, as well as to highlight issues which need resolution and publicise the deadline for Conference proposals. It is the responsibility of Workplace Committees to fully discuss the issues and to properly mandate their delegates.

Decisions should be made by seeking consensus in the first instance. Voting is on the basis of one workplace committee, one vote, but only committees present at Conference can vote. Proposals shall pass on the basis of a simple majority, with the exception of constitutional changes which shall require a 2/3 majority.

National Conference decisions can only be changed by another National Conference. 

All constitutional proposals must detail, in the motion, the wording that they propose to change or add in to the Constitution.

A workplace committee should send up to 3 delegates to National Conference, and may have an unlimited number of observers. Credentials will be established by the National Treasurer, as will voting rights.

All delegates must be named by their mandating body, and should have written credentials and mandates. Delegates must adhere to their mandate and submit a written report detailing how they carried out their mandate, and points of immediate interest, to the next meeting of their mandating body.

Where a workplace committee considers that its delegates have acted in breach of their mandates, they must inform the National Secretary within three months, and include details of the mandate. Where such actions have affected the outcome of a decision, the National Secretary must immediately convene an Emergency National Conference on that issue, giving two months notice.

National Delegate Council

The Network shall convene a National Delegate Council (NDC) to review the decisions and mandates of the national organisation between National Conferences and address any proposals that need to be considered in the interim.

Proposals must be sent to the National Secretary for circulation one clear month before the delegate council. The NDC will be comprised of one delegate per workplace committee. It will have all the same powers, rules and majority requirements of National Conference, save for the ability to amend the constitution.

The National Secretary will convene the NDC via online meeting every two months, or on request from a workplace committee in the event of an emergency proposal. All relevant papers and documents must be supplied to the National Secretary with the request for an extraordinary NDC.

National Officers

In order to ensure that necessary functions of the Network are carried out, it is necessary to mandate a limited number of National Officers. National Conference will give mandates to named individuals who will be responsible for ensuring the tasks mandated are carried out for a one year period, and will be reviewed fully at regular intervals.

National Officers have no decision making powers except through their own workplace committees and mandated delegates, as every other member of the network. Failure to carry out, or breaches of, a mandate will lead to recall of the mandate. If a National Officer’s conduct has been challenged by any other member of the Network, they may seek the backing of National Conference through a vote of confidence. This should be included in their report.

The National Officers shall be:

i) The National Secretary
The National Secretary is responsible for organising National Conference and any other national events. Responsibility for organising National Conference may be delegated to a named workplace committee but overall responsibility for making sure it happens remains with the National Secretary.

 The National Secretary is responsible for maintaining membership records and the internal email list. The National Secretary must pass on all new contacts to their respective workplace committee. The National Secretary is responsible for updating the Constitution, and publishing it, but may delegate this to a named individual.

ii) The Press Officer
The Press Officer is responsible for dealing with external contacts. This includes dealing with contact and requests from the media, both mainstream and radical, in line with CSRF Network policy.


The Press Officer will maintain contact with relevant and sympathetic organisations around the country. This will involve circulating relevant publicity materials as required.

 The Press Officer should also make use of online sites, forums and social networking to publicise CSRF events and publications as appropriate.

iii) The National Treasurer
The National Treasurer is responsible for collecting and accounting for all subscriptions, donations, credit notes and pledges. This includes opening and administering a bank account, and circulating payment details to all members. The National Treasurer will produce a financial report each quarter. The National Treasurer will make payments as mandated at National Conference.


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